5 Tips on How to Deal with Major Life Transitions

Life has its ups and downs, and sometimes it can take a toll on us especially when we do not know how to handle sudden changes in our lives. Whether it is the loss of a loved one or you are moving away from home for the first time, it can be stressful. You can, however, make it easier by learning these 5 tips on how to deal with major life transitions.

1) Always look at the positive side

It is hard to see the positive side of some situations. For instance, when your loved one passes on, you cannot find anything positive about it but always think “it could have been worse.” Think of all the other people you have in your life who love you and are standing by your stand in your challenging situation. If you are moving away, think of the new people you will meet and develop great friendships with eventually. Regardless of the reason for the transition, there will always be a silver lining to your cloud so search for it, recognize it and appreciate it.

2) Remember when you successfully went through a similar situation

Is there a time you underwent another stressful transition but came out feeling victorious? If there is, remind yourself that this too will pass. Encourage yourself by knowing you have the experience to beat such situations and such determination will give you the strength you need to cope. Besides, the knowledge you accumulated on the last ordeal might be what you need to pull you through the current situation.

3) Grieve; it is okay

Do not hold back the tears and pretend to be the strongest person in the room yet you are crumbling on the inside. Be true to your feelings and cry it out, if that is what you want to do. People grieve differently, and whichever method applies to you, it is okay. Trying to suppress your emotions will only lead to more stress and anger that will create more harm more than good.

4) Seek support

You might be tempted to shut yourself in for months hoping people will leave you alone. Unfortunately, being alone can have detrimental effects on your health both emotionally and mentally. Therefore, find someone you are comfortable with and talk it out with them. Do not push people who want to help you away. If you are not comfortable with people you know, then a support group that deals specifically with your circumstances might serve you better. Seeing people care about you and releasing the emotions through talking is a healing process that will help you cope with whatever change you are going through in your life.

5) What can you control?

They say worry is a waste of time because it will keep your mind occupied, but you cannot change anything. Therefore check on what you have control over and do something about it. If there are things that can make the transition easier, do them and do not worry about those you cannot control otherwise you will end up feeling worse about your situation. For example, your food intake is something you can control. Find out of the advantages of green vegetables and fruits to your body.